SEO website copywriting & public relations mentoring

Jagged Edge Communications is a boutique communications agency specialising in SEO website copywriting and public relations mentoring.

We’re passionate about empowering SMEs and non-profits while also enjoying a few larger clients (Bupa, for example – testimonials are available at the bottom of the home page), which means you’re assured of corporate quality communications services on a small business budget.

Whether you have a small in-house marketing team or cannot yet afford to bring marketing expertise in-house, we can support you through the provision of freelance and/or short-term contract communications services as follows:

Public relations mentoring

Jagged Edge Communications was established in 2010 by journalist turned marketer, Kirsty Jagger. Having sat on both sides of the news desk, Kirsty has a unique perspective of how it works. To help SMEs and non-profits better align their business strategies and goals with media guidelines and expectations, Kirsty shares her insights. Read more …

SEO website copywriting 

SEO may generate leads but it’s the quality of your website copywriting that will determine whether visitors become customers or just passers-by. When you employ our website copywriting services, you’re not only hiring an SEO expert but a published writer and professional marketer. And our point of difference will become your point of difference. Read more …

Custom website design

While website design isn’t Kirsty’s area of expertise, she is backed by a team of custom website design gurus with whom she works closely for those clients who need more than SEO website copywriting. As such, custom website design and SEO website copywriting services can be offered separately or as a package. Read more …

We welcome you to Jagged Edge Communications and invite you to take a tour of our website. If you would like more information on SEO website copywriting or PR mentoring thereafter, please use our contact form or give Kirsty a call on 0488 900 825.