Music is your business, publicity is ours!



The business of being an artist is a tricky one. Whatever your artistic passion, if you’re making a living from it – or want to make a living from it – you need to manage it like a successful business, but that doesn’t mean compromising your artistic integrity.

It means two things:

  1. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses; and
  2. Professionally marketing yourself to a ready audience.
For example, as a musician, you may be great at writing music/lyrics, but write really terrible media/marketing releases. So, the smart thing to do would be to hire someone with as much talent and passion for writing media/marketing releases as you
have for music/lyrics.
Our public relations mentoring workshops can help you identify, attract and connect with your audience.
These half-day workshops are presented by journalist turned marketing and communications manager, Kirsty Jagger.
Having sat on both sides of the newsdesk, and specialised in an entertainment round before moving over to “the dark side”, Kirsty offers unique insights to help artists align their business strategies and goals with media guidelines and expectations.
Participants should leave the public relations mentoring workshop feeling confident they know how to approach the media with the aim of raising the profile of their organisation; enough to run a small scale PR campaign.
Our public relations mentoring workshops thoroughly cover media release writing. However, some clients like to employ our superior media copywriting services initially so they have a tangible template to work with in the future.
Think DIY with a twist – we set you up with the materials and know-how to more professionally and successfully manage yourself, saving you money while making you some too!
To find out more about our public relations mentoring workshops, including prices and locations, click here.

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