Public relations mentoring workshops

Journalist turned marketer, Kirsty Jagger has sat on both sides of the news desk, giving her a unique perspective of how it works. To help SMEs and non-profits raise the profile of their organisations, Kirsty shares her insights as part of half day public relations mentoring workshops available to small groups and individuals.

Participant profile

Our public relations mentoring workshops are ideal for SMEs and non-profits, without in-house public relations expertise, looking to raise awareness of their product/service/cause.

Time and cost effective, these introductory workshops provide a practical opportunity to cultivate internal capabilities; up-skill those tasked with the challenge of professionally and strategically managing public relations, whether they are administrative staff or business owners.

Public relations mentoring workshops are also suitable for those who are considering traditional forms of advertising but don’t have the budget to implement a campaign. Why? Because free editorial is worth three times as much as paid advertising! Read more here

Key learnings

Participants will learn how to develop and execute public relations campaigns, secure media coverage and respond to media enquiries in a way that enhances their organisations brand.

The public relations mentoring workshops cover:

  • Identifying media opportunities and relevant target audience/s
  • Developing subsequent media lists
  • Writing effective media releases
  • Strategies for cold calling in a pitch
  • Media release distribution etiquette
  • Following up media releases
  • Building positive ongoing relationships
  • Other insider tips and tricks

One-on-one public relations mentoring workshops also involve a media release critique.

Logistics and costs

Jagged Edge Communications offers:

  • Small group workshops
    • Parramatta, NSW (dates TBA)
    • Online, webinar (dates TBA)
    • In-house, your organisation (upon request)
  • Individual workshops
    • Sydney, NSW (upon request)
    • Online, webinar (upon request)

To make our small group public relations mentoring workshops financially accessible to small business owners and non-profit organisations, the cost for the workshop is $149 per person. One-on-one mentoring attracts a fee of $499.

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