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The real down time if you don’t SEO before launch

It’s a conversation that, in my mind, defies logic. Yet, I’ve had it so many times that my mind boggles. “Finally, after months and months of working on the design, I’m ready to launch my website!” “That’s amazing! Have you search engine optimised it?” “Oh, I think my website designer did that.” “Hmmm, unless they […]

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Why your new website isn’t making you money

Most small business owners are not marketing experts, or, more specifically, online marketing experts. So when they think about establishing their online shopfront (aka new website), they think ‘design’. And they’ll Google for a website designer. Often being a small business, they’ll opt for the most affordable solution. And that website designer will work to […]

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Ranking on Google: How to get there and stay there

‘I’m ranking on Google, aren’t I?’ This was the question put to me by a client who returned to me after I did their initial website copy three years ago. ‘No’, I answer. ‘But I come up on page one of Google.’ ‘Yes, but only when you search for your business name, which is unique […]

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