Whether you’re an online shopper looking for an extra special Christmas gift for a loved one or an artist/designer looking for a special space to exhibit your work,  is the place to be. Jagged Edge Communications was recently hired to write a media release for Trendy Market, which you can read here. 




Home to exclusive Australian and international artworks and designs, Trendy Market is celebrating the success of its first six months while preparing for what is predicted to be a busy pre-Christmas period.
Since its May 2012 launch, has quickly become a popular place for artists and designers to showcase their creations, as well as shoppers looking for something special for their loved ones – and themselves!
Testament to its success, Trendy Market has been sought out to exhibit the works of award winning artists, including Fiann and Stobiecki Design, but there’s room for lesser known designers too, as Melbourne-based founder Magdalena Oleksy explains.
“My ultimate goal is to showcase the best Australian and international artists and designers; this does not necessarily mean the most famous,” Mrs Oleksy says.
“We aim to provide a platform for talented artists and designers to share their unique gifts and visions with those who appreciate original pieces that embody the human touch.”
Trendy Market acts only as a facilitator, linking artists and designers with buyers. As such, transactions occur solely between buyers and exhibitors, who have been personally selected by Mrs Oleksy with a focus on quality, not quantity.
For this reason, Trendy Market is not a volume-oriented site, so shoppers do not have to scan hundreds of products to find something interesting, but this also means you have to be quick to secure items of your choice before they’re snapped up by someone else!
“I do not accept mass-manufactured products or artworks of which manufacturing has been outsourced,” Mrs Oleksy says.
“I want to support passionate artists whose products have been designed and handmade by the artist themselves or a small co-operative.
“We pride ourselves on presenting only designer, handmade, one-off or short-run products that use the best quality materials, are bursting with personal symbolism and you won’t find anywhere else.”
Whether you’re an artist or designer looking for a special space to showcase your work or an online shopper looking for unique home wares, a designer handbag, piece of jewellery, or great gift ideas, Trendy Market is the place to be.

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