SEO copywriting

We live in the ‘just Google it’ era and, thanks to mobile technology, we can Google on the go – anywhere, anytime, anything. Usually we don’t scroll past page one results when we are looking for something, trusting that Google will deliver to us the most relevant and trusted web pages. So, how do you propel your website to the top of Google and the forefront in the minds of consumers?

SEO copywriting is the answer you’ve been looking for

Think about how you search. You use words. And if you’re looking for a product or service you’ll generally search for that, rather than a specific business name. The highest ranking results are those Google deems to be most relevant to your query based on the content of the website.

Now, if you:

  • Have a business but don’t have a website;
  • Have a website but no SEO copy; or,
  • Have not maintained your SEO;

And you think SEO copywriting is an expense you can avoid, think of all those people Googling … and you’re not showing up in the search results.

There’s more to SEO copywriting than ranking

The algorithm used to determine your relevance is the first hurdle your website has to overcome. The second is the abundance of competition. Remember, finding you doesn’t always mean choosing you.

Successful SEO copywriting is not only about generating leads; it’s about converting visitors into customers.

Ultimately, the quality of your SEO copywriting will determine whether new visitors become customers or just passers-by, so it’s important not to sacrifice readability for SEO. Striking that very delicate balance between the two is both an art and a science.

NEWS UPDATE: Google has changed their algorithm to focus on the quality of content.

Get the competitive edge

We provide powerful SEO copywriting services that attract the attention of search engines, convey a sense of credibility to readers, and help convert visitors into customers.

When you employ our SEO copywriting services, you’re not only hiring an SEO expert but a published writer and professional marketer. And our point of difference will become your point of difference.

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