The real down time if you don’t SEO before launch


It’s a conversation that, in my mind, defies logic. Yet, I’ve had it so many times that my mind boggles.

“Finally, after months and months of working on the design, I’m ready to launch my website!”

“That’s amazing! Have you search engine optimised it?”

“Oh, I think my website designer did that.”

“Hmmm, unless they have created all of the written content for your website, no they haven’t.”

“Oh well, I think I’ll just see how it goes.”

“You should really SEO before launch, otherwise it’s going to be months and months before you see results.”

“Ok, I’ll be in touch.”

We both politely smile and walk away. They think I’m trying to sell them some service they don’t need. And I think that they’ll come around when they realise their business goals are about to implode.

People probably think I’m exaggerating when I say it will take months and months to start seeing results if you don’t SEO before launch, but I’m not.

Basically, if you launch a fully SEOed website, you should start having wins within or shortly after the first three months.

If you don’t SEO your website before launching it, you’re not going to see results for between six and nine months.


It takes 90 days to start seeing the results of search engine optimisation. And that doesn’t automatically mean scooting ahead to page one.

Let’s assume it takes you those first 90 days to realise that, other than your Facebook friends who have given you a like here and there but are not actually buying anything, the website isn’t getting any traffic.

Some businesses don’t catch on for much, much longer.

Let’s then assume it takes three months for your to find an SEO website copywriter you want to employ and for them to complete your project. Depending on the size of your project and the copywriter you employ this could take more or less time.

It’s then going to take another 90 days for you to start seeing the results of the fully search engine optimised content.

If you catch on early, that’s at least six months of lost business. If not, more.

Can you afford it?

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