Why your new website isn’t making you money


Most small business owners are not marketing experts, or, more specifically, online marketing experts. So when they think about establishing their online shopfront (aka new website), they think ‘design’.

And they’ll Google for a website designer. Often being a small business, they’ll opt for the most affordable solution. And that website designer will work to the brief they have been provided and develop a fabulous looking website.

But what are they doing to make sure people see this fabulous new website?

And we’re not just talking the friends you have on Facebook, who you have invited to like your business page and give you the obligatory thumbs up when you post a link to your new website. We’re talking people who are actually going to make a purchase, rather than just sing your praises and then continue to scroll down their newsfeed.

Design isn’t the key to being seen. It certainly makes for a more enjoyable customer experience, and websites generally need to have a mobile responsive design so they aren’t blacklisted by search engines, such as Google. But what gets customers to your website so they can admire your fabulous new website design?

Think about how you found your website designer.


You typed your search terms into a search engine.


And customers should be able to find you exactly the same way.


So the words they use to find the product or service you offer, need to be properly integrated into your new website.

We’ll use the example of one of our clients, bobo&boo. They sell bamboo dinnerware sets for kids. Now, open Google and type in ‘bamboo dinnerware’ and hit enter.

They rank at the top of the first page.

That’s because yes, they have great design, but also because we implemented best practice SEO on every content page.

And you can read about how this has contributed to their success here.

Another example.

One of our clients is Empire Retaining Walls. They’re the retaining wall experts in the Mornington Peninsula.  Now, open Google and type in ‘retaining walls mornington’.

They rank at the top of the first page of results, also because we implemented best practice SEO on every content page.

Now, here’s a test. Open Google and type in whatever product or service you sell (not your business name because that’s not how new business leads find you). Do you appear on page one?

If not email director@jaggededgecommunications.com with ‘SEO me’ in the subject box for a free website analysis and five free tips, specific to your website, to help improve SEO.

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