Why you shouldn’t cheap out on a website copywriter



In business and in life, at one point or another, we inevitably ask – why should I pay someone to do something that I can do myself? It’s a valid question and as website copywriters we hear it a lot because almost everyone in this lucky country knows how to write.

But can they write well?

And can they write well for the web?

The truth of the matter is you pay because you know that they will do a better job than you. It’s why I, as a website copywriter, pay a beautician to paint my nails. It’s why I, as a website copywriter, pay a hairdresser to cut my hair. They are experts at what they do.

I pay for their expertise.

It’s for this reason you should pay a website copywriter.

Website copywriters do so much more than string words, sentences and paragraphs together. They work behind the scenes to make your fang-dangly new website visible in the over-crowded online environment. This, my friends, they achieve via search engine optimisation (SEO).

So now you have the SEO website copywriter.

He or she carefully weaves keywords through the copy on your website in a manner that attracts just the right amount of attention from search engines, while remaining undetectable to the untrained human eye.

Why is this important?

  1. You don’t want to go overboard and have search engines rank your website as spam and send it spiralling to the end of the ether.
  2. Because while SEO generates leads, it is the quality of the content on your website that will determine the visitor to customer conversion rate.

Being found doesn’t mean being chosen – not when there are so many competitors just a finger click away. So it is vital not to sacrifice readability for SEO, but strike that very delicate balance between the two, which is both an art and a science.

See – it’s sounding a little more technical and strategic now, isn’t it?

Probably time to speak to an expert.

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