Five good reasons for website copywriting


Here we consider why website copywriting is a good investment of time and/or money, whether you are hiring a professional to assist or planning to give it a whirl yourself.

Search engine optimisation: When you’re looking for something online, you type keywords into your preferred search engine and it displays what it finds to be most relevant to your search. SEO enables an internet user to find your online shopfront even if they don’t know your business name or website address, perhaps by searching for a product or service your business offers. Unless you have direct contact with them, most people are going to discover your website for the first time this way. To make sure they do, invest in keyword rich content!

It’s also important to remember that, while SEO broadens your website’s audience and generates leads, the quality of your website content will determine whether new visitors become customers or just passers-by.

Reputation: Copywriters work behind the scenes to help your website convey a sense of professionalism and credibility to readers. Spending an increasing amount of time online, consumers have come to expect a certain level of quality content. Common spelling and grammar mistakes, stylistic inconsistencies and a lack of what consumers believe to be basic information, ring alarm bells. The legitimacy of the site is called into question and the sale is lost, again and again.

Customer service:
Professionally written website content can greatly improve your customers’ online experience and boost referrals. Two things are vital. The first, that the information provided is relevant to your website’s target audience. The second, that this information is communicated in a way that compels readers to act. A copywriter will not only help you define, engage and impress you target audience, but provide a fresh perspective – that of a potential customer, as they are one!

Website copywriters aim to improve their clients’ visitor-to-customer conversion rate. Professionally written content is an essential component of effective marketing, particularly in the over-crowded online environment, where countless competitors are just a finger-click away. Generally tax deductible, copywriting is an investment in your business that helps you create a positive point of difference, giving others the confidence to invest in your business.

Relevance: Out-dated website content reflects badly on business and frustrates readers, whether they’re returning or are first timers. For example, if it’s 2012, your last news update shouldn’t be from 2011. This gives the impression that your business has gone stale, perhaps even that you’ve closed and are just waiting for the website to expire … If you’re not updating your site, are you still taking orders and answering emails? SEO copy also needs to be regularly updated to maintain or improve search engine rankings. Maintenance is the trick to getting the maximum return on your online investment.

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