Media release: Gold Coast artist’s latest work protests genital cosmetic surgery


Jagged Edge Communications was recently hired to write a media release for Gold Coast artist Jessi Fiveash, who was protesting genital cosmetic surgery and aiming to boost wavering vag-esteem among Australia women through her latest art project.




Gold Coast artist’s latest work protests genital cosmetic surgery

 100 volunteer to boost wavering vag-esteem among Australian women

 The number of Australian women seeking genital cosmetic surgery has been trending upwards for more than a decade, but Gold Coast artist Jessi Fiveash is hopeful her latest project will turn the trend, encouraging celebration of the female form in all its forms.

Medicare claims for vulvoplasty and labiaplasty have more than doubled over the past 10 years, increasing from 707 in 2002/03 to 1,588 in 2012/13. And according to Women’s Health Queensland Wide Inc, the true number of GCS procedures is likely to be higher, as Medicare statistics do not include women having their surgical procedures in the private health system. (Source)

Inspired by Jessi’s very own “low vag-esteem” and consideration of labiaplasty, Yoni is an interactive art piece that consists of 100 plaster cast vulvas.

“I want to change the way women view this very intimate area; I want to empower women to embrace their differences as a symbol of individualism; I want to help improve the overall relationship women have with their bodies,” Jessi explained.”

Because we don’t often see other women’s bodies in real life, we frequently accept the ‘designer vagina’ we see in media as the norm. In reality though, everyone is unique. Yoni captures this, with each of the casts illustrating a different women; each a piece to the puzzle.”

Since creating the piece, which involved connecting with 99 wonderful women –”Hey, mine had to go in there!” – Jessi has been approached to create a similar work for the Gold Coast Birthing Centre and invited to showcase her artworks in September at the RAW: Natural Born Artists exhibition.

“Despite GCS being a controversial issue and genital anxiety being a sensitive subject, the response I’ve had to Yoni has been overwhelmingly supportive, inspiring me to consider running Yoni Art Workshops to help women reconnect with their life source,” Jessi explained.

“Ultimately I want to help people and the best way I can do that is through art. I feel this project has helped me, helped my models and will hopefully continue helping women around Australia.”

For more information on Jessi Fiveash and her works, please visit: For media enquiries, including photo and interview opportunities, please contact Jessi Fiveash via

About Jessi Fiveash

Despite miserably failing art school, Jessi Fiveash started selling her artworks when she was 17- years-old and has since made a successful career for herself as an artist. A multi-talented artist who enjoys working across a variety of artistic mediums, Jessi  has had her photography published in Australia’s Pregnancy and Birth Magazine, worked with Telstra on their “Calling the Past” campaign, created an alternative children’s fashion label and much more. Over the past 12 months, Jessi has become increasingly interested in sculpture pieces that celebrate the female form, inspiring her to create Yoni; an interactive art piece that consists of 100 plaster cast vulvas.


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