The best content marketing for small business


Brand recognition is built on consistency. And it requires a lot less work than you think, making the ROI pretty damn appealing. Here is our DIY guide to content marketing for small business.

The Circle Content Strategy

When we provide communications consultancy services to non-profits and SMBs we encourage them to employ what we refer to as ‘The Circle Content Strategy’. The basic premise of this concept is to make as much use of a single piece of content as possible.

Every piece of content you produce should have the ability to be re-appropriated for use across multiple channels, with each use redirecting people back to one of your marketing assets – primarily your website.

Give me an example

  • You publish a blog on your website
  • This blog points to your online shop
  • You post excerpts of various lengths from this blog
    • In your newsletter
    • On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Each post links back to the full blog on your website, which …
  • Points to your online shop, thus completing the circle.

Cheap and easy content marketing for small business

This content marketing for small business approach saves you time, money and resources while increasing you brand’s reach, boosting awareness and ultimately building trust through consistent messaging. And when people recognise and trust your brand, what happens? They convert. And you make money.

Hot tip

When you link to another of your web pages in a blog, always make sure your hyperlinks are set to ‘open in new tab’. This means your all your pages remain visible in the consumers browser. This is especially important if you are linking to external sites – you don’t want yours to be lost to them as they travel merrily down the rabbit hole.

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